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Hawk and Crow show

I watched Martin’s hawk this morning. Perched at the top of the rock garden oak, maybe a mile or two from his home. Mocking birds pestered like skeeters on a sweaty back but he didn’t seem to notice them. I’d … Continue reading

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Gray Harvest

The leaves are turning once again. Fronds of the pampos herald in the harvest. Strange words today, herald and harvest. One might ask what the hell? Bells and whistles hard drives spin, or other elemental geek speak then Wow!  What … Continue reading

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A little goes a long way

In all the sordid angles and facets of this life there is little rhyme or reason there is lot of toil and strife but weighed up in the balance the good outweighs the bad seems a little bit of happy … Continue reading

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Preparation h2o

I’m waiting on the rain and praying that it does. Bro Copeland would say, "boloney, go ahead and start thanking God and praising Him for the rain he has sent". Faith is so difficult at times. Especially when the radar … Continue reading

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