Preparation h2o

I’m waiting on the rain and praying that it does. Bro Copeland would say, "boloney, go ahead and start thanking God and praising Him for the rain he has sent". Faith is so difficult at times. Especially when the radar is clear. It’s so dry now days. In the turf business it gets a little nerve racking. That of course is in the fore front but lurking in the shadows is the possibility of dry spigots. Lord send us rain. Teach us in these days of drought, lessons that will help us make better decisions and forgive us for the ones we’ve made, that in hindsight, ain’t made things any better. 
Bad decisions always have a ripple effect on the pond. Good decisions make ripples too. What do we want to arrive on our shores? More water right now! It’s difficult for mud ripples to move and skipping stones on the mud is purt’near impossible.
Who’s to blame when the rain stops? The local water czar? Ineffective dancing, the jerk. He should have known. We paid him enough. We have experts out the ears. Sometimes pedigree just ain’t enough. Troubling ain’t it, when the best minds and monies just don’t have the answers.
Preparation h2o. Know at some point it’s going to get dry and prepare for it. And, because things generally go from one extreme to another, get ready for the rain!

About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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