Castor oil and other remedies

Crazy isn’t a state of mind, it’s a state of being. I am untrained in these matters however, at times I’m pert’near certifiable. So with that said let me venture further into these troubled waters. Whoa, girgle, damn over my head right quick! Somebody throw a rope! This water ain’t only troubled it’s deep! It’s cold. It’s full of things that hurt. It’s manageable once you realize that in the state of being we are responsible to and for ourselves or to and for no one. We are accountable. When the water gets deep we know it and scream for help or, we deny it and sink. To seek help is not a weakness. Crazy can only be a state of mind when not allowed to be a state of being. Be about your wellness today. Take your meds.

Get me some beans and cornbread Sweet’taters and please pass the paxel. Thanky sweetie. Now I know with the latest baseball news this opens a mighty wiggly can of worms. Performance inhancing substances? Durn slippery critters get back in there! Ethics to be discussed later. Now, personally momma taught me not to play with snakes. Sometimes the things can kill you. One summer day when I was a kid momma broke the stock of daddy’s twenty two rifle over a snakes head. She then proceeded to chop him into hot dog pieces with a garden hoe. When dad got home from work he asked her why she didn’t just use the hoe in the first place. The right tools properly used produce excellent results. In the case of the snake daddy didn’t believe that the ends justified the means. I learned alot from daddy too. He was a diebetic and needed insulin. Momma was a female and needed a medicine cabinet. Easy, ladies! Easy! Down girls. Put down the rocks please! Momma doctored four kids and a diabetic husband from her cabinet. Whew!

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Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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3 Responses to Castor oil and other remedies

  1. Beth says:

    Have you turned into a comedian??  LOL  You did make a couple of good points though.  We are each accountable for our own actions and I too am sickened by the baseball scandal.

  2. Rambling says:

    shower cam?  As Sweet Tater would say, "man, you ain\’t right."

  3. Jane says:

    They won\’t help if you don\’t take \’em.  And just as in the case of the oxygen mask on the airplane, you need to do your own before assisting others.  Hehe.
    Thanks for the \’Had a bad day\’ video.  I got a very good laugh from that!

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