My non-virtual neighbor came running up the driveway as I arrived home for the holidays. Not so virtual tears streamed down her face. I was already dealing with my cyber hypocrisy. Superficial Jay’s Place. Virtual well wishes from my cocoon. Insulated, cozy. Please don’t rock my world. Reality is so hard to swallow. Let someone else feed the hungry, cloth the poor and shelter the homeless. I’m otherwise  occupied. I have virtual friends and neighbors to visit. It’s so clean. Antiseptic. Sterile, shiny white corridors of glossy tile floors and decorated doors inviting me inside. Nothing’s quite like a virtual Christmas. The tension of the season rolls away into nether land. Creamy milk chocolate dipped cookies virtually melt in my mouth. Good. Very good. That’s what Christmas is all about.

The ole man and I are at odds again, she sobs through her tears. No instant  messenger ding. Just here, now and in my face flesh and blood. Oh wow! Thought ya’ll were doing just great. Haven’t seen you much this year. Coming and going what with work and all, ya know. Uh, what’s up? Virtual conversation is easy. I find myself stumbling like a drunk on terra firma. When the rubber hits the road call 1800-NONOTME.

Two non-virtual neighbors died this year. I barely knew one and often avoided the other. I sense the loneliness of the widows when I see them now. They have families but the loss of a mate would be a heavy burden to bear.

My non-virtual neighbors shake the steep walls of my comfortably deep ruts. Cyber ruts are velvet lined. Bring it on. I can handle it. Occasionally even here drops of reality drip from spaces causing me to slip and slide along the shiny corridors of cyberspace. Confidence shaking, cocoon rattling reality.

I suppose a shaking of the comfort zone is beneficial at times. Perhaps even therapeutic. Hello stupid, wake up. This is earth calling and there is more to life than sniffing the virtual roses. Ah, roses. What would they be without the thorns.

Oh well, tis the season of love and good will. The real world awaits just beyond our front doors. Some are hurting and need our help. In doing so we help ourselves. I need to go embrace and be embraced by family, friends and neighbors. And, ya’ll do too but, be warned; a gathering of roses can often be painful. Be careful out there.

Merry Christmas ya’ll,

Superficial J


Jay’s Place


About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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4 Responses to 1-800-NONOTME

  1. Beth says:

    Merry Christmas to you too!!

  2. Embrace says:

    Merry Christmas. You really had me on every line here. Interesting Blog.   Real intersting. Lots to ponder and think about. I liked it.

  3. Embrace says:

    Nice to see you relaxing with your feet up. .. Have a wonderful day. I love the pic.

  4. Rambling says:

    Merry Christmas my friend.

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