Flippin’ Calendars

Every year as I draw nearer to the annual flipping of the page I become even more convinced that time is a miserably inadequate measure of life. We celebrate it’s passage in one breath and in the next we mourn it.

My son in law’s father passed away this week. My son in law is thirty two. I was thirty when my father passed. Approximately 9125 days have come and gone. I bet not one passed without me thinking of Dad. He hasn’t aged a bit. His being is unending.

As a rhythmic measure of events the accuracy of time is useful but it is wholly inadequate as a measure of being.

In late 1999 during the height of the Y2K hysteria (ok fess up: who bought extra stuff) I wrote the following little poem. At that time I just called it Y2K.


You make too much of time

don’t you know that it means nothing

counts of thousands

counts of hundreds

counts of ten

Don’t you know it is eternal

Ever present

Never when

Always never ending

Ever now and

never then

jrw 12/10/99 (damn hard to break the shackles of time!)

My prayer is that we will all prosper during the next solar trip. With each phase of the changing moon may we grow in awareness of the marvelous light in which we stand. May we be drawn nearer and nearer to the Father of light in whom there is no variableness neither shadow of turning. Before the sun, moon and stars were, His glory was the light of the earth. The perfect reflection of His light is Christ the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth in whom we have our being, our justification, our redemption and our hope for the new year.

In the name of Christ I pray, Amen


Well that about does it for now. Happy new year ya’ll! Let ‘er rip.

Love ya,


               Tracks in time

                                  Tracks in time


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Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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4 Responses to Flippin’ Calendars

  1. Beth says:

    That was beautiful.  We all love ya back.

  2. Rambling says:

    I know I do…that was wonderful.  Thank you for it.

  3. Jane says:

    Maybe you should try fire hydrants instead. 
    How ironic, I read this after posting my big whine about where my time goes…

  4. Jane says:

    … left me empty!  Hahaha – my turn to laugh!

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