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Spring Cleanin’

  Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree in March you look right poorly.Your fall from grace did no time waste and now you look so out of place.The glamour is gone where it had shown so brightly. In ditches by … Continue reading

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Year Book

Flipping through the pages of my contemporaries monochrome images looking forward bullet proof stallions and giggling filles all rearing to go sniffing the wind, hoofing the dirt heeding the call of hormones From the ensuing dust and noise some never emerged forever … Continue reading

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    Steel rails and choo-choos once passed twice a day now they go forever and always block the way. Pulitzer possibilities! Walt Whitman’s trophy too! "Waiting on the choo-choo", I’ll be so glad it’s through these constricting colonic moments have me screaming MOVE! … Continue reading

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Hope of Ages

I’m tired todayMy thoughts are slow and laboredA noticeable crack runs through hopeful veneerthat has worn a bit thin this weekI know others who are tired and hurtingPerhaps an entwining of beingtranscends the expanse of milesbringing a universally empathic yawnfrom … Continue reading

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Signs and wonders

  Sometimes you just have to go looking on the brighter side. So, I did and found signs of spring again! The budding red maples are casting a pink hue over the winter woodscapes as they stretch and yawn in … Continue reading

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To all my frozen friends in the North, Ya’ll be of good cheer, cause the daffodils are fixin’ to bloom in Georgia!    With warm regards, j     Jay’s Place

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Windows Live Hotmail

Hi ya’ll, I got this in an email today. Did Mr. Leno really say it? I don’t know. But if he did it’s great and needs to be repeated and if he didn’t please correct me and direct me to … Continue reading

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Pain and Super Tuesday

One is never far removed from pain. Should we ever think we are the non-sociopath among us are soon enough moved to tears of pain or tears of empathy for  family or friends in pain. It is the common thread of … Continue reading

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