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The Audacity of ….

                                                                                                                           Wild Pansies in  West Georgia lawns Spaces home – Windows Live Spaces Advertisements

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Talking about Survivor

  Quote Survivor I see them in my office, their look slightly haunted by the memories of having been here before, though not alone. Their fingers absent-mindedly trace the circle of their wedding band, as we talk not about their … Continue reading

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Hybrid True

Tell me something new sizzling, tantalizing too Fact and fiction woven through shiny, silky, hybrid true Make it tickle make it fun Tangy, tasty Down hill run Gliding, sliding, round and round Back to start then up and down Bouncing  … Continue reading

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Table talk

Four year old Grandson: "Daddy does this chicken have bones in it?" Dad: "Yes." Grandson: "How did they get the chicken on it?"

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Happy Easter everyone

Chocolate bunny carnage April 8, 2007 Don’t know who to credit for this image. Got it in an email today. Written by Bad Dad · Filed Under All, Fun, Holidays Chocolate bunny carnage – Bad Dad Radio – Parenting advice … Continue reading

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WARPED: Revisited

Isaiah Fifty Three Man of sorrows Man of pain I’m so glad you came for in the desert of my soul a flower blooms again the joy and innocence of my youth was robbed so soon it seems by one … Continue reading

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The following may perhaps lack PC. And so, I hope the fragrance of the beautiful spring Hyacinths will help. I’ve paused today to consider ethnicity, or lack thereof. Certainly I should. Among all the diverse and colorful celebrations I often … Continue reading

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Just passing thru

Wish I had seen it coming. Whining now in hind sight as if I didn’t have a clue. All along I knew. It sneaks and creeps. We party, sleep, pretending not to see. Choosing not to know. Ever closer every … Continue reading

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