The following may perhaps lack PC. And so, I hope the fragrance of the beautiful spring Hyacinths will help.


I’ve paused today to consider ethnicity, or lack thereof. Certainly I should. Among all the diverse and colorful celebrations I often become lost. A wanderer dumb struck by the spectacles. A cultural kaleidoscope clashing, mixing, scattering, then drawn again into a unbelievable oneness. America. Look away from the light and beauty is lost. Segregate it’s parts and beauty is lost. Turn too fast and the beauty is lost in a whirlwind of change.
Change is ok. I change underwear daily. Change is ordained by God. It is the natural order of the universe. Seasons, tides, rings in the tree trunks all testify to the fact of change. It shouldn’t be feared. It should be expected. GM and Toyota. Dell and Microsoft. Quickbooks. Oh crap. Alright already, curse the change. Some things shouldn’t, but they do.
So the time has arrived to celebrate my heritage or ethnicity if you will. WASP, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant was at one time the acronym of choice. I have rejected that because it doesn’t fully fit the brothers and I. Our Anglo-Saxon content has been richly seasoned with a dash of Native American. Cherokee, specifically. The only thing that brings peace to the warring genetics in our soul is the good measure of Protestantism sprinkled liberally into the batch. The spiritual diversities of my ancestors are not known and perhaps that is good. Nevertheless, cream does rise to the top and today we thank God that the anchor of our soul is Jesus Christ. So today it may be more fitting to describe myself and dear brethren as White American redneck protestants ethnically distressed. WARPED, acronymicly speaking. We just haven’t fit in. We’ve wandered without direction for too long. Long on improvisation and occasionally borrowing the best of the rest to decorate our impoverished ethnicity. We have arrived. Yes sir’ee we have arrived and proud to be. Heaven’s light has passed through the prism of America and shined upon those who’ve wandered the deserts of Heinz 57. A dash of this, a splash of that, a pinch of all the best stuff whipped into a rich vanilla cream.
Crackers is a compliment. Yes, we have learned to live with the stereotypes. Confederate flag wavin’, hound dog pettin’, PBR suckin’, ‘baccer spittin’, inbred, illiterate, rednecks. Ain’t true! We’re bulldog petting, ‘baccer spittin’, educated, Republican, rednecks. We’ve got a bible on the dash board and talk radio on the AM band. We sip an occasional Merlot or B&B in black coffee. It ain’t bad in hot tea with a splash of cranberry either. We’re conservative, constitutionally narrow minded, pro defense, fair tax supporters, lovers of freedom and hard working. We don’t count the hours in a work week. We just get it done. We have a pragmatic bent with a eye for excellence. America is the land of opportunity not the oasis of entitlement. Liberality is a tenet of the gospel, a responsibility of the church not the state. And, therein lies a problem. And, the problem is us.
Ornamentation depletes Christian liberality. As such the entire state suffers. But, it’s not the state’s responsibility to minister to the needy. It is the Church’s. Cathedrals are for the dead, tents are for the living.
So much hubris has been spewed regarding separation of Church and State. Yet it is the liberal lawmakers who we elected and appointed as it were Priest in the Temple of America’s Church of the Social Welfare. Liberality is good but, it is not government’s job. It is our job. The Church. We’ve failed. We’ve talked Jesus but elected career politicians to walk Jesus in our stead.
Well we’re WARPED and, we are in it for the long haul. The market place rewards success but will disenfranchise failure and so it should be. Again cream rises to the top and if it doesn’t we throw it out and start all over again, and again, and again if needed. We will get it right. WARPED, coming to a neighborhood near you, with love.

jrw copyright 03/15/08

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6 Responses to WARPED

  1. Beth says:

    The picture is lovely!
    I agree with your post.  It is very profound and was a bit hard for me to read through my tr-focals.  I do think I got the gist of it though. 

  2. R U Serious says:

    I hope you are well and FAR from those stormz~~

  3. Jerry says:

    Good read my friend.  Spring just might not be too far in the future.  The Crocuses are popping out by the house where the snow has melted.  The sun is getting high in the sky and the temps are getting tolerable.
    Glad you enjoy the Funnies.

  4. Sageview says:

    Dear Jay,
    You had me going at "WARPED" speed, but  I think I came to a blurred curving of  the road.  I\’ll stay on the road and take in the scenery.   Peace, Love & Together

  5. the says:

    I\’m glad that you\’ve finally decided to make an attempt at ethnic classification.  Do it with pride.  Peace.

  6. the says:

    I\’m glad that you\’ve finally decided to make an attempt at ethnic classification.  Do it with pride.  Peace.

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