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j-Bird Nest 37857

       It’s been fun but it’s back to the West GA zips for a few days. We’ll be back and forth this summer as often as possible. I hope your Memorial day weekend was great! Posting from Main … Continue reading

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Main Street Post

  I’ve found much angst on Main Street today. Gas pains I suspect. For years I’ve been fortunate and blessed with the memories of a smiling face from my youth. Earl Mosley never complained. Though I suspect he had much … Continue reading

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Ripped Off

Confidence shaking. Indeed it seems May 1952 was a dream. Surreal in the foggy expanse of days. Stacked up in calendars and thrown away. Good for no more than pennies a ton, but Rockwell’s characters sure did have fun.Dust covered … Continue reading

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Roses Magnozies and    happy May noses!   J, still working on the cybersniff project.    

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good night

silly stumbling lame brained bumbling fumbling what a day head to brick thick boned honed to a dull edge caffeine crave rage double padded cage with no windows please wake up call of course you tease we’ll do it all … Continue reading

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Spring medley

  Honeysuckle and sweet privet   with a dash of sweet shrub!   Just can’t get enough of spring’s sweet medley! Enjoy the fragrance with Cybersniff Technology. Scratch and enjoy a breath of spring! Jay’s Place

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Mothers Love

  Mother’s Love I came to look into your eyes to memorize each honored wrinkle on your brow, knowing that somehow I am a part of each. I came to  hold your precious hand, to try and understand the gentle strength … Continue reading

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Life was so easy before blackberries got ‘lectronified. I’m pert’near skerred to eat em now days. It’s gonna be a good crop though. The blooms are lookin’ real purty this year.      Notes from the stix, j   05/07/08 … Continue reading

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Good Morning!

I hope everyone has had a great week. It’s nice to be able to leave the madness for the weekend. Just to be able to sit and enjoy the moment for the moment is a blessing. Regardless of how busy … Continue reading

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