Life was so easy before blackberries got ‘lectronified. I’m pert’near skerred to eat em now days. It’s gonna be a good crop though. The blooms are lookin’ real purty this year. 



Notes from the stix,




Well there you go! Blackberries are edible and good! Thanks Ms Ramblin’ Diva and Beth. Now, you may get purple fingers from pickin’ em and a purple mouth from eatin’ em but, until I see a rash of purple fingers, mouths and ears I will never believe blackberries make a reliable form of communicatin‘.

j with a ps from the stix 

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4 Responses to Blackberries

  1. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa says:

    The Blooms are Beautiful Jay. Nice shot.
    ha Yes its Grass , I was laying in it. Have cut it once and I even had my hands in the soil today. It was a wonderful day.
    Have a wonderful week. Will check back soon for more Garden Plants and Blooms here.

  2. Rambling says:

    I love pickin\’ blackberries!  And smothering them with milk and eating!!

  3. Beth says:

    I love blackberry jam, take out eht seeds please.
    They have a lovely flower!

  4. Karen says:

    This brings back fond memories .. our family used to pick blackberries on the side of the road on our way to the beach every year and it was something we always looked forward to. They do make beautiful plants!
      Thanks for sharing, and many blessings your way, Karen

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