On rare occasions the artistry of our efforts bring a brief  reprieve, a bright island of peaceful reflection in the dimming light of day. Museums brimming with the industriousness of our passage summon quietly to their halls. Hallowed corridors softly mute our foot steps. Varied opinions in judgements rendered barely clear our lips: "utterly ridiculous"; "positively enlightening"; "the essence of truth"; "the boldest of vanities",  before falling dust like to the marble floors. Winding hallways, lined with displays of yesterdays arranged in ascending order, bring us to the present covered in the dust of ages. With an enlarged perspective and, ideas collected like keys on the janitor’s ring, we stand at the back door somewhat overwhelmed. A moments reprieve is all we get, though it is all we need, to discern that the worship of this passage hasn’t made it any more certain. Seasons come and go, tides ebb and flow these things I know and can depend on just as surely as our passing. And yet, we pause and brush the dust from our shoulders and wipe it from our shoes as if we are untouched, immortals. Stepping into the streets the door is closed, the curtains drawn and we walk on in denial. We’ve viewed the evidence of those who have passed before. They’ve gone ahead, leaving a somewhat ambiguous trail of ideas. And, so we go. Through the darkness, with pockets full of keys, we grope like blind men. We go anxiously feeling for the door ways, searching for the knobs and, fumbling for the key. All the jingling keys. Oh, if they could only point the way and say which door they open or which ones should never be.

J. Robert Wynn  11/23/98


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About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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5 Responses to keys

  1. Beth says:

    Great post.  I had to read it very carefully so I could get the full meaning of it.  The last line summed it all up nicely.

  2. kb says:

    Thanks Jay. This inspired me post Using Our Keys on my blog today. I\’ll be pointing others back to this….

  3. dawn says:

    i hear you, dear Jay.  thank you for caring. \’just wanna share one of my favourite Sunday school songs with you 🙂

    Along the road of life
    I have a friend divine
    Who walks with me
    And gently leads the way;
    He gives me joy
    And makes the darkest night to shine
    He is my Lord
    Who won my heart one day.

    I do not mind the rough and winding pathway
    O\’er mountain steep through valley dark and cold;
    It is enough to know He travels by my side
    Along the road that leads to streets of gold.

    For many years I did not know His love so true
    Until I heard how on the cross He died,
    I trusted Him, and He became my Savior too,
    And since that day He\’s journeyed by my side.

    Love-In-Christ, dawn

  4. Texas says:

    That was absolutely awe inspiring, as are all of your poems.

  5. Unknown says:

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