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In spite of it all

  Persevere   j Spaces home – Windows Live Spaces Advertisements

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Soon passing

Flutterbyes       Have a blessed Autumn! j  Quote Flutterbies   Flutterbies   as aery lighton autumn eveas forceful wind in early spring   does she arrive at her chosen place? or simply do a dance with grace?   … Continue reading

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  Air traffic around Atlanta isn’t an unusual sight. I never realized how uncommon it was until after I met Sweet’taters. She was born and raised in NE Tennessee. Even today there is very little air traffic there. One of … Continue reading

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Moment by Moment

  Moment by Moment Every moment without fail your grace sustains methough life has drained me and I feel I can’t go onit’s at that moment when I’m weakest that you fill methen I’m carried by your hands gently home.There … Continue reading

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