Puppy Licks and New Year wishes

Holiday exhaustion or bluesy boredom blahs? Don’t know. Anyway, we are home after spending a few days in Tennessee over the Christmas break. Butt sore from sitting, otherwise nothing much accomplished. Of course, there was an abundance of sweets to sample, if that can be considered an accomplishment. The obligatory gobbler was actually one of the best I’ve ever eaten. No, I don’t mean the whole bird. Several spiral ham helpings challenged my BP meds.
The trip was good. Relaxing. Uneventful in a positive sense. So, why so blah? I’m just not made for holidays. It’s something just outside of my gravitational pull. Out there somewhere joy is orbiting. Occasionally a piece of it breaks off. Falling through the heavens with ole Jay in its sights. It strikes and for just a moment, I am at peace. Short but sweet! Ah, if it could only stay longer. Transitory to say the least. At times just barely ramping up the coolness in my soul to lukewarm before evaporating and leaving a season of melancholy behind.
Should I be complaining? Probably not. Phil Gramm really hit the nail on the head. "We’ve become a nation of whiners." He wasn’t the first to say it. Seems to me the Lord God even said it about my distant kin. "Sorry rascals! I brought you out of the land of bondage and here you go pissing and moaning already. Give me a break, the journey has just begun." Jay’s paraphrased version of course but you get the drift.
Why can’t the seasons of joy last longer? I’m not even talking about Christmas. When I found out there was no Santa or Kwanzaaclaus or whatever that about did it for me. None of the holidays measure up. Birthdays, anniversaries, assorted Hallmark days, nope. Zero zip nata. Nothing can really auto spark that illusive moment of simple joy. It’s hard to grasp. Something as simple as a puppy’s lick on the cheek can ignite it. Even if I know, it is just the honey-baked grease she is after.

Oh, by the by, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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10 Responses to Puppy Licks and New Year wishes

  1. Beth says:

    I had a few slices of spiral sliced ham to challenge my bp meds too, then I wisely sent the rest of it home with my son.I hope you get out of the blahs by the new year. Sending a Happy get out of the blahs New Year wish to you.

  2. Embrace says:

    Great Blog J.. I loved it all. It is true and alot of us do this. But also know you will get out of it..Spring is coming and the blubs will be in.. ect.. Excited yet. I am and I have a long ways to go yet.. and you know me I can whinne with the Best.. !!! Maybe this year I wont. Hmmmm.Happy New Year. Hugs to you and yours.Lisa

  3. Bunny3143 says:

    J…I don\’t want to sound like a"know it all",…but if we all did what the Holy Bible teaches,…we wouldn\’t have near as many blahs. It teaches that we need to think on things that are "true, honest and above all else….good reports". I don\’t profess to be perfect by no means,…but that\’s what the Bible encourages us to do. I do enjoy reading the book of Glatians in the Bible….it tells all about what one has to do to stay on top….Of course, if your depression is a physical chemical imbalance…you need to see your doctor……I know better than most what severe depression is like….it sure isn\’t fun….but thank God I don\’t have to deal with it like I have had to in the past….love you….."keep good company"

  4. dawn says:

    \’certainly sounding blah-ish J. i skipped by wish you the best-est through 2009 and beyond..but i guess i do feel a tad like you so here\’s to a crappyy new year? 😛 j o k e blessed, _blessed stay,d

  5. Rosebay says:

    Hi J – Thanks for coming by and posting a note. You asked about the driftwood horses, I only wish I could take such pictures and put the horses together. The photos are actually from a blog about them when I read a story in the news. They are very cool.The blahs – typical after holdays. I think everyone gets them after all the excitement calms down. But a puppy kiss or even the look in their eyes when you come home can send a certain joy to your heart even if for only a moment. May joy find you more often this year – in fact I hope it rains on you. 🙂

  6. Here I Am says:

    I so understand your words. Seems I to don\’t find the excitement in things as so many other people do. I wish I new why. Its like there is a veil over you and it has to be really intense to penetrate. I did however enjoy my holidays but it was packed with partying and drinking. Unfortunelty for me the veil often is lifted when I drink and suddenly I can feel the excitement everyone else fnormally feels. But I danced till 2am for New years that is a natural high for me anytime then the walk to friends at 3am in the snow that was stimulating. Well wishing the veil falls from you so that the intensity of life excites you all thru the New Year. Hugs Carrie

  7. Brent says:

    Don\’t think to much about what else the puppy just licked in the backyard!We have a 7 month old golden retriever and her tounge is prolific. I say, great…cheers J,b

  8. ··¤ SETH says:

    There is something very special about New Years. It begins everything anew. We can all start over with a clean slate and make the next year as fabulous as we want to. It\’s a new beginning and time to take stock in what we\’ve learned, earned, and lost and give praise and Thanks to God for making it through another year by His good graces.HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!

  9. ··¤ SETH says:

    Being happy doesn\’t mean you\’re perfect. It just means you\’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. The happiest people don\’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything. So very true.

  10. Cheryl says:

    I just read a bunch of your posts…Wonderful site you have!

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