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Super Duper

What a deal and just in time! Less than 24 hours till kick off and everything is just about ready. Including my brand new 65 inch Plasma HDTV! That’s right and what a deal! Got it on my Peers ‘n … Continue reading

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Never quit

sometimes i’ve a mindto lay down my guns and quit.the run has grown is no more exhilarating.young bucks challenge all sides ofturf never owned, though tenaciously heldand leased for a pound of heart and soul,payable daily. how long anyway?three … Continue reading

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Hey good lookin’!

She ain’t the prettiest gal I’ve ever seen. Fact is she’s a little scroungy. I know beggars can’t be choosey. You just have to take what you can get sometimes. In the land of the far and few between a … Continue reading

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Absolutely giddy was the mood of the Obama inauguration. The President and First Lady were the recipients of a love fest never seen before at the historic event. A seamless continuation of the American Presidency is an admirable testimony to … Continue reading

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Walk about

I took a winter’s walk a few days back looking for January color. If I’m not finding it in Georgia I’m not looking close enough. Dreary winter days are hard to handle. Some of you folks out there have more … Continue reading

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Moon rising sunset

  A couple of days early but almost a full moon and the sun is gettin’ out of town! Have a great weekend ya’ll! j  ay’s Place – Windows Live

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Rear view mirror

                     The photo was taken today. It’s still very mild in Georgia. The title reminded me of a poem I had once written. So much has been disposable in life, including life itself.   Disposable Goneused upemptycrushed and thrown … Continue reading

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About time

So it’s about time 2009your predecessor dragged on so long it exhausted my 12 step plan to reach higher plains than I have foundbursting bubbles never made such a racketwell laid schemes and nest egg dreamssnap crackle and pop from … Continue reading

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                                                                                                                          but what to my wandering eyes should appear an MLK day drawing near!   slowly emerging, j

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