From the beginning of time smoke on the horizon was a warning to be heeded. Some things never change.



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9 Responses to Remember!

  1. Here I Am says:

    There is still smoke on the horizon. I hope somethings do change.

  2. ··¤ SETH says:

    First off, I must commend you for not posting pics of the planes hitting the towers…. innocent souls falling to their doom… people crying and running amongst the hustle and bustle… these images are done with! There\’s so damn much more to 09.11.2001 than these images! Thank you for one kick a**, decent post… simple… yet very thought provoking and heart waming! Bravo!

  3. ··¤ SETH says:

    We spend a lot of time arguing over frivolous things in this country. But when something tragic happens like 9/11, we tend to rally around each other and including that of our President. We’ve been relatively safe from outside attack since the 19th Century (save Pearl Harbor). But we learned that day that we’re vulnerable. History will remember 9/11 as one of the more tragic events in American History (to date). And unfortunately, the beginning of a dark chapter in American politics and the Constitution. I think the the loss of life during 9/11 will be remembered the way our grand parents and maybe parents (depending on age) remember Pearl Harbor. But all of the conspiracy theory behind it makes it hard for people to just accept it as an act of terrorism. I think people will remember it as a reminder that America is just as vulnerable as any other country and is not untouchable and invincible.9.11.2001 was something that shook us all and tempoarily united everyone across racial lines. If you believe in a higher power, pray for the 9/11 victims, the survivors and their families.

  4. ··¤ SETH says:

    Totally off topic… when nearly 3,000 people lose their lives on this day in 2001, we all rushed to rally behind W. But when we lose I-don’t-know-how-many lives throughout a year because American people don’t have health care, we refuse to come together to care for our own? Aaaaargh! :o[

  5. J says:

    j2Seth continuing off topic: I knew a man in a cash business doing weekend fleamarketing. During the week he had other enterprises that produced income as well. White conservative. Protestant. Divorced and single. Kids were grown. He was about 60 at the time. He chose to not have major medical or hospitalization insurance. It was too expensive, though I\’m sure he could have afforded it, if he had made it a priority. He chose. Irresponsible in my opinion but his choice. Smart quy? I quess that time will tell. Gambling is lucrative to the few. There are many others like him who could but don\’t have coverage. They pay as they go and hopefully avoid catastrophic accident or disease. Their choice. As long as their choice stays out of my pocket I have no problem with their choice. Others are less fortunate and have no choice about health insurance. Granted their inability to aquire coverage may be due to poor choices that were made at some point, the fact remains they need help. Our local hospital is required to provide a level of care in such cases. I provide a level of taxes to help in that endeavor. The poor and needy will always be with us. As a society we are no stronger than the weakest among us but, we must be smarter than the dumbest among us. I don\’t know the answer to our \’current crisis\’ on health care. I do know if I\’m offered a \’free\’ meal I\’ll take it. Ok so, there are the dumb who aren\’t needy that may become needy and there are the needy that may have been dumb and became needy but, they are the same aren\’t they? Then there are the truely needy whom Christ said would always be with us. Oh yes, and one more catagory the slimy cheats who seem to always be with us as well. Now as I see it that leaves us only two goals to achieve. We must be smarter than the dumb and slicker than the slimy in order to reform health care.So, choice is good in regard to health care? Choice what a beautiful concept and what a can of worms. Free will but no free ride. Achieveable?

  6. Beth says:

    I am just now seeing this. I will never forget.

  7. ··¤ SETH says:

    Healthcare should be our number one priority in this world. Next to education, I believe this should be attract most of the government\’s budget. The "Healthsteria" that has gripped America is so very disheartening. The US health care reform is fiendishly complicated, with many different issues and many different proposals for addressing them. No wonder that the debate is generating more heat than light. Health care does need reform. There are many, including myself, who are questioning if they have it right. We CAN DO IT if we use a common sense approach.FACTS/PROBLEMS:1. Patients are unhappy and fearful of loosing coverage2. 50+ million uninsured. Many more under-insured. Even these numbers are conservative.3. Only 14% of our doctors are GPs (includes internists, Family physicians, pedriatician). 50% in other countries.4. Doctors esp. GPs are unhappy. They are underpaid unappreciated and earn much less. They are overworked. 5. Only 2 % of doctors are trained to be family physicians(FP)6. Patients want the latest and greatest, but unwilling to pay for them.7. Escalating healthcare cost8. Destruction of our healthcare system by the current campaign financing methods. Elected officials are more concerned about their re-election .9. Little or no regulation of health insurance companies, HMOs, for profit hospitals.10. Americans pay more for the same drug than patients in developed countries.11. System too complex.12. Health insurance companies cherry pick patients – they play games.13. Our current system is only effective in treating and suppressing symptoms of disease. There is no focus on prevention.14. American lifestyle is not good for health – obesity, inactivity.15. No incentive for being healthy.16. Food companies , pharmacies make more $$$ if more Americans are SICKER and SICKER.17. Development of unnecessary drugs – eg. to prevent menstruation, to prevent urination. Combination of drugs. Once a month/week pill instead of a daily pill. Not much research into drug resistant TB, malaria, aids, etc.18. Development of dangerous drugs with more risks, side effects than benefits. Invasive procedures.19. Fraud and abuse 20. TV ads for pharm drugs.21. Practice of defensive medicine. Only lawyers not patients are winners here. 22. 1/3 of medicare cost is going towards heroic attempts to keep the very sick and old alive. No focus on quality of life for the patient. This money should be directed towards preventing chronic illnesses. I do not advocate killing anyone by denying treatment that can restore quality of life. We need to use common sense.23. Emergency room is flooded with people who have no health insurance. 24. We are not able to control illegal immigration.25. We have no guest worker program – hard working people need basic coverage. 26. We are allowing legal immigration of older people who could place more load on our inadequate healthcare infrastructure.My healthCare Finance Reform Plan:1. Federalize all medical staff. Pay them by the hour or by salary, not by procedure. This would stop the nickle and dime billing currently happening. The doctors most in demand would be the highest paid. Therefore, Family Practitioners would be the highest paid doctors. This would encourage new doctors to go into the fields where they are most needed.2. Have the doctors send bills to the govt for salary and to replenish stock & medicine. They\’d still be responsible for utilities, keeping them energy conscious. Perhaps energy companies could discount medical offices, or they could go into an energy co-op. This will prevent wasteful energy spending.3. Pay for these salaries with a Federal Sales Tax. This way, even illegals, homeless, and visitors pay their fair share into the healthcare system. People will no longer need insurance, or need to pay those premiums, thereby encouraging more consumer spending.Now you can just walk in, get treated, and walk out. No bills, no claims, no fuss! … Bwahahaha!This is the bare bones plan. More needs to be added. For example, we need ideas on bringing down costs for drug development and sales.Can I just ask this… where are the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, etc. who are willing to say they are willing to give up a chunk of their personal gain from our broken system to make it better???

  8. Stephen Craig says:

    Jay, Thank you for visiting the Painting Studio and for your most kind birthday wishes. One can only hope that the smoke stays on the horizon and pray that it never touches our land again.As ever be well

  9. J says:

    j2Seth, Lots of good points here Seth. Two glaring oops in the solutions: federalize medical staff & billing. Talk about a massive SNAFU. Wish I had the answer. Keep working on the plan my man! I am somewhat leaning towards a federal sales tax as being the fairest way to produce revenue. Can you imagine the opposition from the CPA lobby! That would really cause a stink in the bean counting business. Oh well, you can\’t make everybody happy. Fair Tax! Bring it on.

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