All in time

My first post 10/22/07:

I’m waiting on the rain and praying that it does. Bro Copeland would say, "boloney, go ahead and start thanking God and praising Him for the rain he has sent". Faith is so difficult at times. Especially when the radar is clear. It’s so dry now days. In the turf business it gets a little nerve racking. That of course is in the fore front but lurking in the shadows is the possibility of dry spigots. Lord send us rain. Teach us in these days of drought, lessons that will help us make better decisions and forgive us for the ones we’ve made, that in hindsight, ain’t made things any better. 
Bad decisions always have a ripple effect on the pond. Good decisions make ripples too. What do we want to arrive on our shores? More water right now! It’s difficult for mud ripples to move and skipping stones on the mud is purt’near impossible.
Who’s to blame when the rain stops? The local water czar? Ineffective dancing, the jerk. He should have known. We paid him enough. We have experts out the ears. Sometimes pedigree just ain’t enough. Troubling ain’t it, when the best minds and monies just don’t have the answers.
Preparation h2o. Know at some point it’s going to get dry and prepare for it. And, because things generally go from one extreme to another, get ready for the rain!
And today:  Gurgle slurp splish squish slurple kerplunk.  Good day,
PS My little patch of metro Atlanta rainfall totals, since midnight, from the storm with no name: 15+ inches.

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Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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16 Responses to All in time

  1. Beth says:

    It has been drizzly here yesterday but the rain has\’nt amounted to anything. We badly need rain here too.

  2. Rambling says:

    we were dry like that too. We SURE aren\’t now. Can\’t get the faucet turned OFF!

  3. ravingpoet says:

    Dry here today. I was out working last week and the rain was torrential – complete change of clothes when I got home. Moderation for the rest of the week, please. A shower or two, but mild dry hours as well. J x

  4. john says:

    had drizzies, enough to make water spots. 15 inches….that\’s our annual rainfall….. whoa get the ark ready.

  5. J says:

    j2johnbord, That\’s just right arid! Metro Atlanta annul rainfall is around 50 – 60 inches. The first time I posted on windows live we were in a severe drought but had still managed to squeeze out twice what your annual total is! Interesting side line regarding the Ark. If I understand scripture correctly the first time earth\’s residents had seen rainfall was about the time Noah had finished building the Ark. The man was crazy, certifiable. Flood! You gotta be crazy. It was too late to begin building when the rain began. Well, I\’m not planning an ark at this point but, a nice high profile 4 X 4 with an air boat in tow might come in handy!

  6. ··¤ SETH says:

    So long as it\’s rainy nights instead of days, and I\’m all wrapped up snug in my blankets… lights turned down low… cup of hot tea in one hand… remote control with fresh batteries in other hand… I\’m all for them! Just in moderation and not every damn night/day! Sometimes they\’re fine. I know where I live we could use a little rain every now and then, but eventually you can\’t wait for the sun to come out again. Yes, I do like the rain but not when I have to start wondering if I am going to have to invest in a boat as my main means of transportation.Here\’s hoping that better weather comes your way and soon! :o)

  7. J says:

    j2Seth, I hear you…lights turned down low…cup of hot tea in one hand…remote Waaait!! Back up Seth. Let\’s try this again. It\’s a rainy night in Georgia lights turned down real low Mawgie honey can you shut the TV off and just rub my back real slow. Morning comes too early and this rain just makes me blue. Sweetie have I told you lately how much that I love you. Honey are you crying? Is that tears I feel? Wet and ouch! Chunky? What? What the crap? Sheet rock and ceiling fan too! Oh Baby, we got a major ceiling malfunction.

  8. john says:

    what a romatic moment….tumbling down the fan or was that the prop off the air boat?

  9. J says:

    j2johnbord, Ah yes, my reputation recedes me, er ah precedes me! Actually I think it was just the leak at a plumbing vent. Doesn\’t matter, I\’ll always claim we brought the roof down! DuraCell don\’t fail me now!

  10. Rhapsody says:

    Blessings……life is full of extremes…every once in a while you hit a smooth balance. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  11. ··¤ SETH says:

    "…I\’ll always claim we brought the roof down! DuraCell don\’t fail me now!.." ::Seth\’s Rolling On the Floor Laughing His Ass Off With Tears In His Eyes::

  12. J says:

    j2RhapsodyFabulicious, Thank you! So true and true as well, a little bit of happy covers lots of sad!j2Seth, High tech man!

  13. Stephen Craig says:

    Jay, Thank you for visiting the Painting Studio and for your comments. Hope they figured out a way to save some of the rain water for long spells of drought. Keep your powder dry andas ever be well

  14. J says:

    j2Stephen, Following all the rain we had one week ago tonight, wednesday it was reported that Atlanta\’s primary reservoir, Lake Lanier, was still 4 ft below full pool. During the worst of the drought in \’07 & \’08 it approached 18 – 20 ft below full pool. We\’ve come a long way. Water in that reservoir has been a point of debate for years now with Florida and Alabama having apparently more control over it than Georgia now days. Loved the gangsta comments on John\’s blog! Powder is dry, you stay well!

  15. Jorge says:

    That\’s a lot of rain! Hope you dry off soon. Be well,J.

  16. J says:

    j2Jorge, Yes it was! Some are saying it was a 100 year flood but it did exceed those previous levels. Others are saying it was a 500 yr event. Well, we\’ll see! Regardless it was "a lot of rain!" Good to hear from you Jorge! You be well too my friend.j

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