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Drizzle today. Just perfect for setting out pansies and moving those struggling summer perennials to a hopefully better spot. Soon winters sleep will settle in, or so we would think. During these next 14 to 16 weeks, we’re talking West … Continue reading

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There was a heavy dew this morning. Diamond like sparkles adorned the lowly grasses strung with droplets left by the rising October fog. Summers warmth is quietly leaving the West Georgia soils, lost to the cooler air of a rushing … Continue reading

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Flash off

I should have something to say. After all it was my only regular TV show. Flash Forward is a new show this fall airing on ABC. I’m not sure of it’s regular sponsors at this time but, I will be … Continue reading

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now just a memory synchronized firing of neurons and synapses   projecting an image upon the curtain of my mind by any other name they are the same but seasons come and go and with them so do i searching for … Continue reading

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Wednesday Rant

Monday morning. Raining. Running late. The old nature swells beneath my skin cracking a thin veneer of righteousness like the discarded exoskeleton of some long gone critter I hope has morphed into something beautiful. Something wonderful. Something totally opposite of … Continue reading

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j on Snail dartin’ and tree huggin’

Isaiah 5:8Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!It is often hard to reconcile contemporary life in today’s … Continue reading

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