There was a heavy dew this morning. Diamond like sparkles adorned the lowly grasses strung with droplets left by the rising October fog. Summers warmth is quietly leaving the West Georgia soils, lost to the cooler air of a rushing November now just around the corner.

The rains have been heavier this fall than any I remember ever falling this time of year. So far the vibrant autumn colors have been muted by the cloudy skies and rainy days of September and October. It’s as if the colors are bashfully waiting, refusing to break out shouting to the Georgia hills, we’re here! So its been over countless partly sunny to totally cloudy days. Subdued.


As the fog burned off, today strayed from the mold of the past several weeks. Beautiful! Sunny and mild is the word here today. Muted colors but still an autumn day to be savored. Perhaps the tapestry will be unveiled yet. Vibrant reds and greens and golden glows all woven by the Masters hand, a grand sight to behold.

Take care my dear spooks and spooketts,

DSC03403   DSC03401



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Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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10 Responses to Subdued

  1. Duckie says:

    This time of year never ceases to take my breath away. Even though the causeof all of this is that the earth is going to sleep, it always reminds me of a celebration.

  2. ROCKET says:

    We\’ve had the wettest year in the past 19 here, J, and the color has just exploded everywhere. Now we\’re hoping this trend doesn\’t continue or we\’ll be neck deep in snow by Christmas. I really like that first shot!

  3. Stephen Craig says:

    In olden days when the clouds touched the earth and fog covered the lands some called the mist dragon\’s breath. Rather poetic as is the change of seasons.As ever be well

  4. Lisa ♥ says:

    J this is just Beautifully written . Very Peaceful also Lisa

  5. Beth says:

    This has been one of our wettest Octobers on record. Love the pics!

  6. puzzle says:

    a beautiful description – and I like the pumpkin-beetle. 🙂

  7. Rhapsody says:

    Blessings… the interpretation/set a nice mood. Happy Halloween, have a blessed weekend.

  8. ··¤ SETH says:

    Well presented and here we are another year gone by. Lovely autumn colours and so nicely put. I just love this season and all it\’s colours! A favorite!

  9. Here I Am says:

    I love your subdued photo. That is awesome..

  10. Neora Chana says:

    Love the photo of the porch swing!

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