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Sometimes when a slice of the world is presented one can only stop and marvel at its beauty. Simple. Reminiscent of another time when we were jaded with simple things. Monotonous rural similarities and familiarities no more refreshing than the … Continue reading

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Carved in stone

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Health care vs Insurance

What are your concerns about health care and insurance? Affordability of either and or both is likely at the top of the list. Affordability. What drives the price of an item in a free market? Availability or supply of the … Continue reading

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In the cusp

Here in Georgia the road to spring takes many turns and twists. The closing days of winter and beginning of spring meld into a season of its own. A cuspate season perhaps where the highlights of beech trees toss the sun … Continue reading

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Sun up to Sun down

When ya been ridin’ the trail as long as me ya get kinda squinty eyed when some folks start talkin’. Walkin’ like they was saddle sore but talkin’ like they weren’t! Greenhorns. Likely from back east. Most cowboyin’ they ever … Continue reading

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ties that bind us

  the colorful kite floated high on the march winds pulling taunt the string that balanced it flying it would seem freely skipping along the unseen thermals joyously bouncing up and down between the heavens and the earth never considering … Continue reading

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oak leaf dancing with the wind across the lawn jonquils nodding time with cardinals song flannel pjs much too warming in the sunshine this march morning wind chimes singing ding a ling in the breeze set me free from winter … Continue reading

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