Health care vs Insurance

What are your concerns about health care and insurance? Affordability of either and or both is likely at the top of the list. Affordability. What drives the price of an item in a free market? Availability or supply of the product is one dynamic at work in the market. The other is demand for the product. Demand for the product directly affects the supply. If no one wants it, there is no problem finding it on the shelves!

Health care is an item that at some point we all want or need. I’ve never experienced any problem finding health care. Apparently there is no shortage of the product. So why is the price so high? In the free market there are two dynamics at work which drive the price of the item. Supply and demand. I don’t have a problem finding a doctor so I shouldn’t have a problem affording one. There are other dynamics at work driving the cost of health care. I can’t pay my doctor for only his service to me. I also have to pay a portion of his overhead like electricity, insurance, gas, insurance, rent, insurance, payroll, insurance, water, insurance, taxes and, oh yes insurance.

Ok, so let’s see. I buy insurance to help me afford to pay my doctor. My doctor charges me his fee plus a percentage of overhead that includes an eight hundred pound ape that answers to the moniker of Malpractice Insurance. I am not likely to sue Doc but he can’t take any chances. The bank doesn’t like my chances of driving a car they own so they require me to have insurance. I buy the insurance because they don’t like my chances while driving their car. I buy doc’s insurance because he doesn’t like the odds of me turning toes up and getting blamed by my loved ones. My loved ones only want justice for their dearly departed and it just so happens their friend is a lawyer who hasn’t had a decent payday in awhile. Now we’re getting some where.

Health care cost will remain high until we get the lawyers out of Doc’s office. With that done he can fire his insurance agent. I have good friends in the insurance business. They have a place in life. I just haven’t decided where yet. I also have good friends who are lawyers. I figure they can go to the same place the insurance agents find. Just get out of Doc’s office because he and I don’t need the added expense.

Now in regards to what just happened on capitol hill, we knew Obama was lawyer to begin with.

Stay well folks,



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15 Responses to Health care vs Insurance

  1. Beth says:

    To say I am confused about the health care reform is the understatement of the year.

  2. ROCKET says:

    You sure are right about getting the lawyers and insurance people out of health care. Maybe that\’s why I like mine….I can\’t sue my doctors for malpractice, they don\’t have any overhead and can concentrate on my health without worrying about all the crap. You see, my health care, the best I\’ve had in my 50+ years, is provided by the US Government and is free. It is far superior to the care I got when I was paying Blue Cross $1300 a month in COBRA payments. What\’s more, it\’s available to anyone. All you have to do is sign a chunk of your life away, work for sub poverty level pay, travel to various hell holes around the world on demand, get shot at, sometimes hit and maybe even killed at the whim of those pencil pushers inside the beltway. I think the best way to start health care reform in this country is a tactical nuclear strike on DC…while Congress is in session.

  3. kïrstin says:

    now that i work in the medical field i see things from a better perspective than before. i have been on both sides, and i still think most health insurance stinks. except for tricare for life, like RM probably has, and well deserves, most insurance gives us problems at work. we have a lot of problems getting them to pay for peoples treatments, or agree to pay for tests or procedures the docs order, or medications the docs prescribe, because their on staff nurses have decided the patient doesnt need it. one of my coworkers had a friend in her church who was denied a screening test for something her insurance didnt want to authorize. the test could have detected the cancer she died of a few weeks ago. she could have gotten the test, but it was expensive, and she couldnt afford it. now her two young sons are without their mother.drug companies are just as bad. so many of the drugs on the market that people really need cost so much, its no wonder the insurance companies dont want to pay for them. the patients frequently cant afford them. i worked for a dermatologist right out of medical assistant school. we had a certain patient who has psoriasis that affected her skin and her joints severely. she was one of the few who needed both the drugs most commonly prescribed for that disease – one treats the arthritis and one treats the skin, and most people either use one or the other. she needed both, but her insurance wouldnt pay for both. if they hadnt been so expensive it wouldnt have been a problem.hospitals are just as guilty for charging so much for their procedures. a colonoscopy done at the hospital is twice as much as one done in the doctors office. thats insane.its like a game that the insurance companies, the drug manufacturers, and the hospitals are all playing – and the doctors and the patients are the pawns. maybe some doctors are guilty as well for getting on the band wagon for the money. my employers rather treat the patients the best they can, and will do so even when they dont get paid. we write off more than you think. we treat people who have no insurance and often cant pay. we make payment arrangements with people to help them get the treatment they need.i know health care needs reform, but im not confident the new plan is going to make anything better for the people. it will likely just be a new set of problems.maybe this should have been a post of its own …k☼

  4. Flo says:

    I dunno. It\’s all kinda complicated now. I mean, they make it that way. Just seems to me that if a little kid needs healthcare, whether or not she gets it shouldn\’t depend on how much money/luck the parents have, or if the kid was born with something or not, or developed it while young. Certainly not the kid\’s fault. And what\’s all the bruhaha about "forcing" people to buy insurance. We\’re "forced" to buy car insurance now. What\’s the difference? I dunno. Seems to me if everybody had the same insurance and access to care as congressmen and -women and their families, we wouldn\’t be having this discussion. And I don\’t understand why the greatest country in the world can\’t do that. But what do I know?

  5. J says:

    j2Everyone. Well now that the thing has passed maybe we\’ll find out what the heck is in it. Isn\’t that a hoot? Biggest change since flush toilets and no one knows what\’s in it well, except Joe Biden. Only time will tell just how bleeping the Big Deal becomes.@Flo, I don\’t know either.@Kirstin, I think we\’ll be hearing more from inside Doc\’s office. Thanks.@Rocket. You\’re welcome man! At least I know someone is happy with the way Government is spending my tax money.@Beth. Understatements are always welcomed. Otherwise, they go over my head.

  6. ROCKET says:

    @ J & Kirstin – My medical care is provided by the VA. About the only thing the War on Terror did was improve medical care for vets and that I am truly thankful for. Incidentally, I was denied VA medical care for 7 years under the Bush regime because my Social Security Disability Income was $1100 per year over the maximum allowed income for a family of three. At the same time it was below the federal poverty level for my part of the country. Lo and behold, 3 months after Obama took office his directive to raise that limit brought a letter from the VA informing me that I was now eligible for no cost VA medical care. People can say what they will about the man but Obama cares about those of us who serve and have served this country and that is a huge improvement over the last administration\’s attitude towards us.

  7. kïrstin says:

    i dont think there should be a limit on how much a veteran can make to determine his health care eligibility. you risked life and limb to fight for your country, you should get top priority. period. but the country is in financial trouble, so they have to \’manage\’ the money. ptuah.i think we will here more from medical workers too. i wish they would have asked us for input on this thing. those designing the laws and packages are so far from understanding how it all really works … they only see how they need to work it to meet their agendas.what a lot of nonsense. thank God im in His plan!k☼

  8. -Grumps- says:

    Ya had me gigglin with the having to pay insurance, insurance, insurance thingy. Oh, and yeah!! Not to forget the insurance!!Hard ta say what all will happen with health care down there, but you can bet it’ll take a while afore all ‘a the kinks is worked out. Systems don’t change over-night. Anything doin with medical is goin ta be overpriced no matter what the system. That’s a bet you can take straight to the bank. Take good care J, ‘n keep healthy …Ciao Fer Now

  9. -Grumps- says:

    Sweet lookin Rose by the way. 🙂

  10. J says:

    j2Everyone. Wasn\’t today\’s reports from the State News Operations Bureau informative! Look out for those crazy brick throwing, violent prone opponents of health care reform. Lock your doors at night there may be a mad conservative loose in the hood!What a hoot.@Grumps. Thanks man! It looks like a rose doesn\’t it. This is a camellia. They\’re in full bloom in Georgia now. It\’s beautiful evergreen shrub that is just loaded with blooms this time of year. They come in pink, red, white and mixed cultivars. Early spring eye candy!Regarding health care, reform is needed but to create another giant bureaucracy to manage another entitlement in the US is simply power grabbing and vote buying. And that we can take to the bank also.@Kirstin. Girl you are right on. @Rocket. Kirstin stole my thunder, hi-jacked my keyboard and typed it for me. Veterans have earned first class care. In a growing economy where wealth is produced the tax coffers should be able to manage that. In a economy where the fastest growing segment is government jobs look out. Soon we\’ll be squeezing blood from the turnips.

  11. ROCKET says:

    As a disgruntled former government employee who was forced out of his job 17 months short of retirement, along with nearly 2,000 others, under the Idiot From Texas Regime I would like to say this concerning our political leadership; no matter who\’s in charge of the Puzzle Palace, they don\’t give a damn about us unless they\’re begging for a vote. My position on health care reform still stands…..nuke DC while Congress is in session and we\’ll start over from scratch. I say the new capitol should be in Laredo, Texas. Bet that puts illegal immigration on the front burner. Naturally a new section should be added to the oath of office for elected officials; "Remember what happened to your predecessors? Don\’t screw up!"

  12. Rambling says:

    Howdy, Brother.

  13. Lisa ♥ says:

    This is one stunning Rose. Love all the green too. I cant wait to see this in my area..

  14. -Grumps- says:

    I did a little reading up on the camellia tree J. Accordingly they can grow to about 60’ in height. Wouldn’t that be a spectacular sight in full bloom. That it is an evergreen type of shrub put me in mind of another of Mother Nature’s pleasant surprises. I had come across a Tulip tree some while ago which quite caught me by surprise. It was June 7th, 2006 when I came across it, and it was in full bloom then. From what I could find out about ‘em, they do grow in your area, so you might be familiar with them.!26C97D56113C69E8!1853.entry Brick throwing, huh?? Man oh Man!! Some ‘a they politicians certainly can put on a good show. Me wonders how they’d do as a pay per view event up agin the UFC. *sadness … *Take good care J.Ciao Fer Now

  15. J says:

    j2Grumps indeed the camellias have been beautiful this spring! I\’ve never seen one reach 60\’ but I wouldn\’t doubt it in more southern clims. Many of the largest I had seen in my lifetime around West Gerogia were killed during a severe cold snap in December of \’86. Too bad that more ot the blooming idiots in political office aren\’t thinned out over a cold winter.

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