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Stop and smell the Roses

I stopped to smell the roses as friends had so advised it would be so beneficial to my psycho logic side                 forget the destination said they and I agreed enjoy the journey daily and you’ll find you are relieved of … Continue reading

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The secret of Elfin view

April hours are long and hard as West Georgia rockets from it’s winter slumber. The weary landscaper looks bravely forward through the coming heat and humidity and sometimes just wants to crawl in a hole and die. It’s at such … Continue reading

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On second thought

Pink bottoms up. Wow, what a title! Settle down guys, I can hear your aorta sorta making all kinda racket with the additional work it’s doing. And ladies please, I hear those raised eyebrows squeaking into place. Come now and … Continue reading

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Surprised by joy

Searching. In my mind’s eye the woods were full. In my love of the Georgia native my claim was even so. The search was on! Discover the woods full of dogwoods and capture the digital masterpiece. I drove my stomping … Continue reading

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Twelve days of spring

The first photo was taken on March 26 and shows a tree line just behind a job. Second photo shows same tree line at a  similar angle 12 days later. Spring wide open in West Georgia. The purple is a … Continue reading

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The Question

It was a simple but profound question. I rocked back on my heals a moment. Grabbing the stubble on my chin for balance, I squinted a well honed cynics eye at the questioner. The early spring day was effervescing color … Continue reading

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