Talking about Netanyahu defends Israel’s raid on flotilla – Mideast/N. Africa –


If it ain’t time for Wednesday rant ‘skewes me, I thought it was.


Netanyahu defends Israel’s raid on flotilla – Mideast/N. Africa –
JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hotly rejected calls to lift a blockade on Hamas-ruled Gaza on Wednesday, insisting the ban prevents missile attacks on Israel and labeling worldwide criticism of his navy’s bloody raid on a pro-Palestinian flotilla as "hypocrisy." "This was not the ‘Love Boat,’"

Isn’t it about time we trusted Israel’s enemies. They want Israel’s destruction and they are not too keen on the survival of the USA either. While I am at it, the world community of "leaders" at the UN oughta just find them another country to squat in as well. There are many well meaning sincere people in this old world that are just sincerely wrong minded in their approach to what ever Utopian agenda they pursue. Wake up an smell the cordite people. Mohammed does not want peace with you.



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7 Responses to Talking about Netanyahu defends Israel’s raid on flotilla – Mideast/N. Africa –

  1. ROCKET says:

    I read an article on this morning that contained 2 video clips, one of the people on the blockade runner using metal bars and chain to beat the Israeli commandos while others threw flash bang grenades into the patrol boats. Throw grenades at people with machine guns and you should expect to get shot. The second clip had voice recordings of commandos requesting immediate evacuation because they were talking live fire from people on the blockade runner. Once again, shoot at people with machine guns and they are going to shoot back.

  2. ROCKET says:

    I meant to add that I agree wholeheartedly about the UN. The only thing they have managed to do in the past 50 years is waste obscene amounts of money while standing by watching people be massacred.

  3. Glenys says:

    our local paper is reporting it as a photographer for the Sydney Morning Herald was arrested on the boat and she just happens to be from a town a few hours away from my home town of Mount Gambier, SA …

  4. kïrstin says:

    well put j … k☼

  5. ··¤ SETH says:

    The blockade is an act of war going on between Hamas (an organization I have no sympathy for) and the Israeli government. With that in mind, running a blockade, no matter the nationality of the passengers is also an act of war. The people aboard the ship were therefore NOT civilians, but willing participants in an ongoing dispute which has claimed the lives of many thousands.

  6. ··¤ SETH says:

    The floatilla was given the opportunity by both Israel and Egypt to be brought ashore and have their cargo inspected, and yet they refused. What\’s more they attacked Israeli commandos in life-threatening capacity when they boarded the ship. Could this have been handled better? Probably. Do I have any sympathy for the victims? Not a shred.

  7. ··¤ SETH says:

    These were people willfully and violently injecting themselves into a war time situation, and they should be counted as such. Casualties of war.

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