Set a spell

DSC06033 (2)

And enjoy the Hydrangeas!

DSC06023 (1)



About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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10 Responses to Set a spell

  1. Rambling says:

    MY pleasure. Can I have a cushion for this bony b-hind of mine?

  2. Dianne says:

    I enjoyed the sit down and the pretty view. Love the composition on the first photo and the Hydraneas are Beautiful. Well done J. 🙂

  3. J says:

    j2Rambling. Oh man, I knew that chair was missing something! I \’pertnear was plum numbutted when I got up.

  4. ROCKET says:

    Yep, that\’s always my problem ……Adirondack numbutt! Now if i could just remember where I put those cushions when the ice age rolled in back in November………

  5. Kuskulana says:

    Ahhhhh thanks…huh? numbutted? LOL

  6. kïrstin says:


  7. Flo says:

    Oh, what a gorgeous backyard. Love the flowers. 🙂

  8. Beth says:

    Gorgeous! I love the view.

  9. Here I Am says:

    Well what a pretty spot I think I will sit a spell…

  10. ··¤ SETH says:

    Nothing like a lazy day… relaxing in one\’s backyard!

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