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Some like it hot

We’ve enjoyed a little cool down the last couple of days. It has been a nice break although we are expecting temps to rise again to the mid nineties by the end of the week. Fooie. I’m not exactly sure … Continue reading

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Joy in wet tennis shoes

A rumble of thunder rolls from the south and west. An uneasy peace is shattered as the threshold of temperature and moisture is crossed. Heaven’s compromise will no longer hold the anxious tranquility. Soaring clouds discharge the static building in … Continue reading

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Just thinking

Was it fate or was it providence? Considering the question I must admit that often it is easier to throw up my hands and agree with the now famous bumper sticker; S**t happens. The easy way out appeals to me. It strokes … Continue reading

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Email funny: Lost dog

I know you are a dog lover and will help. Our neighbor has lost her Chihuahua puppy and is desperate to find him. Yesterday, she was sitting on the couch watching TV and realized he was gone. She called out … Continue reading

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Talking about A Question

  Quote A Question   What is it going to take before God brings this country to it’s knees? Some say; A war, “We have been there and done that.” Then maybe a terrorist attack; “Well we’ve been there too.” … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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