Joy in wet tennis shoes

A rumble of thunder rolls from the south and west. An uneasy peace is shattered as the threshold of temperature and moisture is crossed. Heaven’s compromise will no longer hold the anxious tranquility. Soaring clouds discharge the static building in flashes that split the air with a resounding boom. And I, in my wet shoes, rejoice in the conflict as the skies give up their bounty. It’s raining!

A norm has returned. Summer thunder showers had become a rarity. Like an old friend who had worn thin his welcome in other years. Ah, it’s so good to see you home!

You’ll not hear me complain. I’ve seen the years of drought and I’ve seen the days of flood. I’ll not say one is better than the other for God has allowed them both. It is from His hand I have received the grace to overcome. So it is that I rejoice!

DSC06598 (1)j.


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Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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7 Responses to Joy in wet tennis shoes

  1. Beth says:

    And I rejoice right along with you!

  2. Here I Am says:

    After only a few days of heat finally here the air cooled today and the rains let loose again. The smell was so wonderful. As I sniffed the air I wished I could record the smell to share here. It was so wonderful. The plants soooo love it. Looks like your does…

  3. Janae's Fallgirl says:

    What a neat photo pretty much seems to speak thease very words of yours as was it\’s very own and then some. Great job having it form together – refreshing! seems

  4. Janae's Fallgirl says:

    accepting of blessings along with the adverities life brings(\’-\’)

  5. ··¤ SETH says:

    People seek to have good times. The trouble is that we need some bad times also, to truly appreciate the good ones that we go through. The same can be said about the weather I guess.

  6. Michiko's says:

    I totally agree with your wet tennis shoes…I.m golfer though it doesn\’t matter a long as we are enjoyed our games:-)the photos are gorgerous, thank you for stopping my sapce,Hopefully you have a beautiful sunny weather,Michiko

  7. ··¤ SETH says:

    There is no such thing as perfect weather climate. If it always stays the same after a while people say "when is it going to rain" or "wouldn\’t it be nice to have snow at Christmas". With the change of seasons you appreciate the perfect day when you get them a heck of alot more. I actually enjoy the change in season. I don\’t like the same season year around.

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