Some like it hot

We’ve enjoyed a little cool down the last couple of days. It has been a nice break although we are expecting temps to rise again to the mid nineties by the end of the week. Fooie. I’m not exactly sure of the meteorological significance of that word however, I can only guess that it might imply a slight amount of distress at the thought of rising temps.

Ok Algore settle down boy. Don’t get so excited about rising temperatures. I mean really, it is only looking a lot like late July around these parts.

DSC06630 (1)

You guys out west try to stay cool this week. Take care.



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Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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14 Responses to Some like it hot

  1. john says:

    only in the mid 90\’s…. cools off to mid 50\’s eve timewatch those rising temps or that guy from Tenn. will say itold ya so.stay cool

  2. Sherrilynn says:

    Wow! thats a flower..I don\’t know what you been feeding it but..its working…\’s very pretty…Yes some like it hot..but I like cool..but not freezing..Afterall you can always put plenty of clothes stay warm..but there\’s only so much you can take off..

  3. Kuskulana says:

    70 is hot here in Alaska, that flower is sure liking the weather there though, nice!Al Gore pffffffffft

  4. Flo says:

    What a gorgeous flower. It\’s in the 90\’s day in day out here. Was 80 on the back porch at dawn this morning. Stiffling, baking, unrelenting humid heat. I wanna move to Alaska! Well, for the summer maybe. 🙂

  5. Beth says:

    We have the same forecast as you for this week. HOT! The flower is lovely.

  6. -Grumps- says:

    Summ summ summer time …That flower had me confused for a wee bit, looking like the pistil & stamen are hooked onto, or growing off of the one petal. I see now that the pistil is following along the line of the petal. A lovely little thang, so it is.

  7. ··¤ SETH says:

    True… some may like it hot! I\’m one of those that likes it to be a perfect temperature, like around 74°F. I believe this is inherited from my parents. My Mom can\’t stand to be too cold, and my father can\’t stand to be too hot. :o)

  8. ··¤ SETH says:

    Then again… living in southern Manitoba Canada, one comes to appreciate nice warm weather. Bwahahaha!

  9. Rambling says:

    Hot here too. 100. Every day. Eww.

  10. Michiko's says:

    Cold weather here,well the winter time what you expect it? it most of my friends lived in hot weather countries….It nearly toward to end of winter\’s time that I really looking forward that I hate the cold weather with short of the day.Thank you for comments in my picture.

  11. Rhapsody says:

    Absolutely lovely…….Thanks for sharing , have a splendid week

  12. Rambling says:

    still hot and gorgeous flower!

  13. J says:

    Thinking I should post something for August. Something cool and refreshing. Mountianish. Shady. Wet. Ah, what the hell. It\’s dog days hot and this red flower may just run another 30 days!

  14. Here I Am says:

    Wow that\’s thats what I call red and it really jumps out at you.. WE had a few days of rain and now the heat is back. But our yard is mostly shady and mountainish with a creek running below is that what you are looking for.. Hugs Carrie

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