Long day

There was two Thursdays this week. Yep, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Thursday, something like that. It all started Tuesday actually. That’s garbage curb day here. No problem To the curb we rolled and all was well Tuesday, or so I thought. Something happened in the night. I don’t recall it being an especially long night. No. It was a totally ordinary night but when I backed out of the driveway on what was actually Wednesday morning, it became Thursday. It had something to do with the garbage can. I mean it kinda shouted at me, Man get me off the curb I’ve spent two nights out here. Yea, I know garbage cans don’t talk. I usually don’t listen to them, even if they do. It had me, totally in it’s power. In an instant it was Thursday and it stayed that way all day long, for two days. Blame it  on the can, blame it on the heat of an august day in West Georgia but, this was the longest darn Thursday I’ve ever had. Man, I am so ready for Friday and so ready for fall!

Later folks and don’t talk to any strange cans but, if you do, don’t tell it.



About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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4 Responses to Long day

  1. john says:

    the can…. a collector of……?then there was a long day nighton a rainy day in west geo….have a good fri n weekend

  2. Beth says:

    You are not alone in longing for fall. I think the heat this summer has about done us all in.Darling baby in the pic. Is it your grandbaby?

  3. J says:

    j2Beth, Yep! Grandchild #9, GS#8 and counting!

  4. Michiko's says:

    Are you having a nightmare LOL! you having hot weather AND I having a wet cold rainy days for two weeks..I will send to you some rain for by an express parcel post….That make you feel better?Your grandbaby is so cute…Take care,

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