Scrambled English and other menu items

Posting from the j-bird roost in NE Tennessee tonight and oh what a relief it is. I always enjoy being here with my Tennessee bride and her family. It never fails that I am intrigued with something mentioned in the endless stories that swirl, sometimes to the point of dizziness! Talk about getting a word in edgewise, forget it. Pretty much being a flatlander from Atlanta excludes my overall credibility when trying to engage in the Appalachian dialogue anyway. Hillbillies are tight that way and beings that I don’t chew King Bee further erodes my trustworthiness.

Last night I heard about a delightful area my kin referred to as Evan flowing springs. SweetTaters and I are often amused at how words get tangled. In my case growing up I always heard my grandfather at certain times of the year talk about having some pretty rosnarries out in the field. I had no idea what the heck he was talking about until one day years later it connected. Out of the blue it hit at a cook out one summer when the host was roasting ears of corn! Scrambling the Kings English isn’t only a Tennessee thang.

Having grown up in these hills and  hollows SweetTaters remembered exactly where to take me sightseeing today. During the jabber last night I really couldn’t understand what the deal about Evan flowing springs was all about. There was talk about how the spring flowed across the road and how people use to stop their car there and wash it in those cold waters. They talked about how at times it was barely a trickle and then a rock would turn some way and allow more water to flow. What the heck is this place?  They talked about how recently a rich guy from Florida bought all the area around the springs and built a restaurant. A restaurant in the middle of nowhere! Who in his right mind would be stupid enough to do that. That’s a tough business even on a four lane. We ain’t talkin’ four lane here. The guy obviously has money to burn.

Nice, enchanting even, were my thoughts today when walking over the grounds of Evan flowing springs. The restaurant sure enough set upon a  hill overlooking the area. The cooking smelled good but we only came to check out the scenery. We were the only ones there for a while. A couple did come up later to enjoy the scenery as well. The guy has worked his butt off cleaning out the flats going down to the spring. An old stone dam still holds back a pool of water. The ruins of another stone structure sets on the banks below the dam. I recall two cars passing while we were there. I am talking off the beaten path. The second car interrupted a nature’s call! Guys have this thing about being in the woods. It’s  just an overwhelming urge at times. It seems the further past fifty I get, the more overwhelming it is. Hey, if you’ve never broken up an ant parade you don’t know what your missing!

Well now, where were we? Oh yes, parade. This restaurateur does not have one. What a nice place but restaurant row, it ain’t. Picturesque, without a doubt. Enchanting, I think so. Something was missing or I was missing something. Evan’s Burger by the springs?  Evan’s flowing syrup Pancake house? Evans Frank’n bean? If the rich guy from Florida wants to throw away money, hit me baby!

Back at the j-bird roost my curiosity was killing cats. I Googled a map of Rogersville and retraced our route out to what should have been, by all kin indications, Evan flowing springs. Ah yes, another rosnarrie moment in life! An Appalachian rendering of Ebbing. Yes you got it. Ebbing and Flowing Springs! Rogersville Tennessee is rich in history and this little nook and corner of the county has a story to tell

I’ll be checking out the Restaurant for more info. I gotta meet this guy.




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9 Responses to Scrambled English and other menu items

  1. john says:

    sounds like water looking for a bottlegreen yuppies will slurp it upgreat story

  2. Here I Am says:

    Yeah you get watch out peeing on ants, us girls have to watch out peeing on our shoes. Must have been such a beautiful place.

  3. Janae's Fallgirl says:

    Wonderful story with beautiful scenery("-")

  4. ··¤ SETH says:

    I think the misconceptions on the type of people that are in TN are helpful in keeping the population in check. If they knew how great the state really is, damn thing would be over-populated! Not everyone can make it as a Hillbilly! Gotta be brave and ya gotta be tuff! Amen and pass the biscuits and don\’t forget the moonshine!

  5. J says:

    j2Seth, I think you on to something Seth. Maybe a remake of the movie Deliverance would help in the cause these days! Though it was filmed in N Georgia it is still a most useful misinformation tool in discouraging them damned flatlanders from overstaying their welcome!

  6. J says:

    j2JohnBord, "Ebbin\’Flow Tonic Water, don\’t let the low tide get you down". I like it! Vending machines all over the country. I think the guy is onto something!

  7. J says:

    j2Carrie, I don\’t ever want to hear another woman talkin\’ about a man\’s aim!

  8. J says:

    j2Janae, Thanks! I\’ve got some other shots but I want to find out a little more about the place before posting them. Watch out for more Ebbing and Flowing news.

  9. Beth says:

    I enjoyed the story and the photo is magnificent.

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