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I’ve used these maples as photo subjects before. Today as I went by I had to do a double take as I passed. I couldn’t resist the urge to go back! I’ve noticed the people living here have been setting … Continue reading

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I can’t get any. No, no, no. It seems there was a popular song along these lines some years back. The Rolling papers or something. Poor sap just couldn’t find any satisfaction. It does seem illusive at times. What really … Continue reading

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Long Mondays

I’m recovering from a brutal week. One of the longest I’ve had in a while. Probably you have experienced those extraordinary weeks as well but yours doesn’t leave me exhausted nearly as much as my own. I know, I know, … Continue reading

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Sunday Drivers

I looked far and wide today and found no inspiration. I’m sure it was avoiding me on purpose.Why else would my muse be high tailing it through the Georgia pines like he had stepped on a yellow jacket nest. The … Continue reading

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Breaking the ice

The frequency of my other site visiting and posting may be about to change. It’s getting lonesome over at WLS. Their decision to close that operation has many of its bloggers disappointed, myself included. At this point I will probably … Continue reading

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