Breaking the ice

The frequency of my other site visiting and posting may be about to change. It’s getting lonesome over at WLS. Their decision to close that operation has many of its bloggers disappointed, myself included.
At this point I will probably move everything that will move to WordPress. I have used it some just to follow WLS bloggers who had blogs there.  I’ve never been able to juggle well and so managing more that one ball in the air is extremely awkward for me. I’ll choose between Blogger and WordPress as my primary site.
Let’s see. Ennie menie mine moe, one potato, two potato, three potato, fo, this one up this one down, spin the bottle ’round and ’round, paper, rock and scissors too, short straws, long straws, dice might do, high card, low card, flip the penny heads or tails are good as any.
Ummmm, tails.


About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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One Response to Breaking the ice

  1. freedom says:

    Hey! “freedom” here (aka blackstarr, the wordsmith). It’s been a while, but, good to re-connect. I left WL a long time ago, as it was causing me problems. I stopped in now and then to drop a comment or two, but, I found the rest of the blogsphere made it a lot easier to cope. I love WordPress (have a few blogs to make that point – including “the wordsmith’s alley”) and I am glad to see so many old friends come over from WL. I’ll be back and hope to see you again soon. Peace.

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