Sunday Drivers

I looked far and wide today and found no inspiration. I’m sure it was avoiding me on purpose.Why else would my muse be high tailing it through the Georgia pines like he had stepped on a yellow jacket nest. The rascal. Leaving me high and dry on this beautiful October day without a clue of what to say.
Camera at the ready I was loaded and willing. Wow, that just brought back some memories! A blast from the past when loaded and willing had a much different conotation than today. How many years has it been since those dizzy days? God obviously had a reason to allow me to live through those times!
Still searching after all these years the road goes on. I am so glad it does. It seems that driving is the only purpose I find at times when the hunger to create leaves me famished.
First Sunday in October and burning up the highway. Well not actually. I probably didn’t get over 40mph. Darn Sunday driver was the look that a few shot my way. I’ve had worse things shot at me. No problem. Sunday driver just fit pretty good today.
Yea, same to ya buddy!


About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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3 Responses to Sunday Drivers

  1. johnrailtime says:

    A Sunday drive, so refreshing and relaxing.
    The muse was alongside.

  2. Rocket Man says:

    If you happen to wander a bit farther north and find a Sunday driver in a big green Ford with a zoom lens poking out one window and a dog’s head hanging out another just blow the horn and wave. I’ll pull over and let you pass.

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