j-birds Panhandle perch

It was a rainy hump day  in the Panhandle today. The cold front began moving in yesterday as we were starting a trek at Deer Lake State Park. I was able to get a few shots before I was talked back to the car. Panhandle storms can be uncertain changing from light drizzle to gully washers in about a New York minute. The forecast is for lower thirties and scattered light frost for Friday night! Shorts and flip flops will be pressing the envelope.


The natives are restless and looking everywhere for that sweatshirt they lost somewhere last year! Propane tanks are being filled up all over town. We’ve got our order in and hopefully they will be able to deliver today. That should get us winterized sufficiently for a panhandle winter of the  normal variety.


Will anything be normal this winter? Who knows what Obama and the Dems will throw at the heavens in this upcoming lame duck session!


No, that ain’t snow. That is Deer lake in the back ground of this shot. Nestled among the sand dunes, costal dune lakes are rare worldwide. In the US they only occur along the Gulf coast. In the first shot the Gulf can be seen between a gap in the dunes.


The gap in this shot is Swee’taters giving me that hope you’re having fun but it’s beginning to rain smile!


Palmetto on the left and Pyracantha (with red berries) on the right. I am unsure of the yellow bloom. It kinda looked like a primrose. I’ve always thought pyracantha would make an excellent crime prevention tool that would probably resolve the repeat offender problem. The thorns are unforgiving.  One dragged naked through this prickly tangle of thorns would think twice before risking a repeat trip through the Pyracantha. 

Speaking of pricks,  Swee’tater insisted that I should include this one, because we could have made it to the car a whole lot quicker!



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6 Responses to j-birds Panhandle perch

  1. Rocket Man says:

    Wimmen! Cain’t live with ’em and you get jail time for tryin’ to get rid of ’em! Now that I’ve got that foot wedged firmly in my mouth, back during my party animal days my good buddy Bone Head and I were coming home after a night wasted in one of the topless go go bars in Portsmouth, VA. When we pulled up in Bone Head’s driveway something possessed him to get out of the car and dive into the pyrocanthas. He claims he fell but I know better because, at the time, it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I was laughing so hard I spilled my beer! Bone Head’s over priced warm draft beer intake for that evening can be judged by the fact that he got to his feet and waded back out without noticing that his shirt and jeans were in shreds, not to mention the skin beneath. He may not have felt it that night but he sure did the next day!

    • jingeorgia says:

      Yes sir I’d say if Bone Head tangled with the pyracanthas he definitely knew it the next day. It’s common name Fire Thorn is a fitting moniker. I’d say ole Bone Head may still have a few unexplained phobias while trying to enjoy his favorite over priced draft beer. Said draft served by scantily clad ladies would probably send him into some kinda panic mode for sure!

  2. I like yer idea fer repeat offenders. Have at it!!!
    Swee’taters is obviously a fair weather sailor so’s ta speak, eh??
    Ciao Fer Now J …

  3. rambling1on says:

    WHAT a pleasure to see you literally and Swee’taters as well. And to see you have a Word Press blog and using it. I appreciate the visit as I always do and I appreciate the comments on Flickr.

    I dared wax Biblical on the last photo and not many seem to be as interested. But I did what I had to do..and will likely do more instead of the veiled references I have made from time to time.

    I miss Pamletto scrub and Palmetto trees, regular Palm trees, Royal or whatever kind..and I miss the sand, sand fleas (not really) Palmetto Bugs (yeah, right) from all the time I lived in Florida (Melborne).

    You all have a good Thanksgiving and I know you will, as always be going thanks each day for all you have.

    Oh and there is some of them there Pyracantha in our Arboretum. Took some photos of the berries.

  4. ~ Grumps ~ says:

    Heya J
    Just swingin by ta wish ya’s a slightly belated Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you ‘n the Mrs. had a great one.
    Ciao Fer Now …

  5. rhapsodyrose says:

    “speaking of pricks” wwooooo, thats a riot, you are too much. I loved the photos and the conversation the two season seem to be having as fall is not finished and winter is intruding not interested if Fall is done or not, great contrast. I was wondering about the water in the background….(Deer lake) that means its even colder if you are that close to the lake….burrrrr…

    great entry.
    Have a fabulous day and a splendid week.


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