Downhill sprinter

The beauty of going over the top is so exciting. The panoramic oh wows and other awe-struck mutterings are in that second breathtaking. Though the fact there was breath remaining from the assent was no small feat in itself, relish this moment at the top. It will pass quickly as the downhill sprint begins. With the aid of gravity you’ll soon find the controlled stride of the assent becomes a head over hills tumble to the first available break point. Trees, rocks, ravines ah yes, all friends of the downhill sprinter. So, you just thought the climb was hard. Buckle up kiddos, this slide ain’t for sissies.

If Aunt Nina was talking it might go something like that. It’s painful to see her, to hold her frail hands and hear the grunts and moans of old age. Her assisted living home has made special concessions for her. There is really nothing that she does for herself other than will life’s next breath. It is a noble battle that awaits the courageous.

Cowards might try chuteless skydiving. Concrete block swims. Twelve lane rush hour strolls. They all seem appealing after a visit with Aunt Nina. We are assured that she feels no pain. Not even the pain in my eyes as I try to be strong.

The hydrangea moments of June are calling loudly now. Enjoy them!  The season is short.



About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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5 Responses to Downhill sprinter

  1. Roket Man says:

    J, I think you may want to change the batteries in your calendar. The date stamp on this says November 28, 2010. Oh, wait……this isn’t one of those Y2K……..D glitches, is it?

    • Roket Man says:

      I guess that should read Y2K……X but, well you know…….I have a hard enough time with the American language….Roman’s harder that Chinese Algebra!

  2. Beth Marie says:

    Well there you are. I wondered if you guys were ok.

    The hydrangea is beautiful!

    • jingeorgia says:

      Hi Beth! We are both well and blessed daily with strength and hope. I’ve been sorting thoughts this year. The discard pile appears to be loaded. Perhaps whats left will get worked out in a blog or two. Maybe.

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