Derailed at Skint Chestnut

In 1881 the Georgia Western Railroad was finally begun. In the post civil war reconstruction of Georgia  it brought a boom to a dusty West Georgia town formerly known as Skint Chestnut. On a natural rise in the topography of the area a large chestnut tree was stripped of its bark to stand as a  marker of Indian trails that converged there. The railroad saw the rise as a minor obstacle to progress and so they cut their track right through it. Where the grade cut begins and ends is probably less than a thousand feet. That trench is what saved a good part of historic downtown Douglasville, Georgia early Tuesday morning. A west bound freight train derailed and piled it’s contents into that grade cut at around 1 am January 4th. Thirty six double stacked freight containers piled like flotsam washed ashore. Hauling consumer products from A to Z the cleanup and salvage is still ongoing. The good news is no one was injured!

This shot was taken a little over a year ago looking west through the grade cut.


At lunch time Tuesday these shots were taken after the 1am derailment. This was the only derailed car that stayed upright. I always thought these stacks looked a little top-heavy. 


piled above grade cut on W. Strickland

I would guess these folks had a rude awakening Tuesday morning. Some of these containers could have gone right through their front door on a grade level track. A row of residential homes on the North side of the tracks were as close as 100 feet from the embankment where the containers rested.







Cleanup crews had the first trains through by noon Wednesday. This shot was taken Friday on my way home from work. There is a lot of cleanup left to do but the Georgia Western is rolling again through Skint Chestnut.



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5 Responses to Derailed at Skint Chestnut

  1. Roket Man says:

    Fine coverage, J. Living close to I-81 and I-77 we see tractor trailers involved in pile ups all the time. I can only imagine the same mess magnified who knows how many times when a freight train crashes.

  2. You got some very good shots of the wreckage J. I am glad no one was hurt.

  3. SethPopowich says:

    Depending what the freight was, maybe the food banks will have an opportunity to increase their stock.
    Those are very good snapshots, they speak volumes.

  4. Jorge Medico says:

    I’m glad there was not more human loss involved. It has been a while since I had a chance to visit.
    Be well,

  5. Jorge Medico says:

    Glad you weren’t part of this mess. Be well,

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