Ring, ring!

Ring, Ring! Hello! What a cheerful word. That was the standard in telephone etiquette when receiving a call in my childhood days. Some may not remember those old phone rings. A simple bell resounding for a couple of seconds and then followed by another sounding longer or shorter depending on your ring. Party lines were employed  in those days when more than one address shared the same phone line. I am not really certain of that ancient technology but an individual phone number would produce a distinctive ring. I heard that nostalgic sound today and thought what in the world is that. I suppose it’s been too long in an assortment of ways. The classic bell has been digitalized. It seems to have lost some resonance in the transformation. The word hello  itself has even lost the cheerfulness it intoned in those formative years. Now it is often used  as a term of dismay and even disgust. Well hello, one might exclaim to another who has erred in some way. Yea, what  and,  you got me has kicked hello down the list of telephone greetings. Well as I said before rambling off the reservation, I heard that cheerful bell today coming from the most unlikely sources. Rain was in the afternoon forecast and there were some yard work that needed doing around my Queen’s castle. I had finished up most of my chores when the rain slowly started. I settled down on the porch with a cup of coffee to enjoy the winter shower. What a blessing to watch the birds and hear them singing,  with gratitude it seems, to our loving God that provides all our needs. In a moment of praise and worship I breathed a prayerful petition for blessing on a dear couple I know. At that moment I heard it. Ring, ring! Ring, ring! I looked towards the sound and a downy woodpecker was hammering away on the ceramic power line insulator on top of our power pole! God answers prayer in mysterious ways. I do believe He confirmed mine today with a cheerful ring, ring!  Hello, help is on the way my precious ones!



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6 Responses to Ring, ring!

  1. Beth Marie says:

    Being a telephone operator was the very first job I had at age 16 while going to high school at the same time. Ring, Ring!

  2. Rhaposdy says:

    Blessings my friend.
    well the rings has certainly change thats for sure some of it so good. i remember one phone i had, had this fantastic song and every time i’d get so into the music and dancing that i would miss the call every time. this was a particular source of frustration for my daughter (lol) she would say, i bet mummy is dancing to the damn song instead of answering the phone…hehehe.

    Have a grand day and a fabulous week.

  3. Roket Man says:

    J! Good to see you posting, my friend! I’ve heard those much, much older tell of party lines and rotary phones that actually had bells inside. Actually, I can also remember taking the cover off the instrument and jamming a matchbook between the bell and striker on mornings when I had over indulged the night before.

  4. The picture caught my eye because my husband’s father and grandfather worked for the phone company. We have lots of these very old ceramic insulators in the house. Thankful it did, because I was blessed with this great message! Thanks!

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