Bumper Stickers

I love reading the bumper stickers that I happen upon in my daily dashes. I happened to see two on a mini van this week that presented me with one of those things that make you go “whoa” moments. These were not the in your face screaming some idiotic cause type bumper stickers. They were non-political. They were not the bumper snicker type that leave you laughing and spilling coffee.  These were rather simple actually. Subtle  colors, plain fonts and smaller that the standard bumper sticker size they almost faded into the silver grey paint job on the well kept van.

The top one was the small elliptical shape often seen nowadays sporting cryptic names  of places and things. It simply read, when life gets hard press on.

Ok I thought just another annoying optimist. And, then I read the bottom one. Again it was plain but circular and about as large as a saucer. Leukemia stinks.




About jingeorgia

Searching high and low no matter where i go it always seems the same: shades of grey. Or, was that gray?
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7 Responses to Bumper Stickers

  1. Beth says:

    And I will just say amen to that!!

  2. Katie Isabella says:

    I am always happy to see you. Always honored you come to see me. Amen to those bumper stickers.

  3. Matter of fact, we in the family are praying every day for mercy for The Lord for one of my children regarding cancer. He has shown mercy in providing finances. HUGE help. WE praise Him and continue to pray knowing He hears us.

  4. Please do. He got thru this second bout and is recovered. He is still a young man but: GOD has him as He has me. We worship and study and always have. Prayer is a many times a day thing with us for ourselves and for our friends who need it.

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